Saturday, June 5, 2010

I recently checked my entry post and it read Jan 2009, which effectively was the last post that I have entered into before disappearing .

Now I realized that what I should have done was to maintain blogging but only for important issues and readable topics that I think are worthy of someone's time.

I seriously cannot comprehend as to how some people can blog every other day on various issues that they come across. Are their lives that interesting??

In any case, a thought came into my head.What if blogging to them is therapeutic and somewhat necessary ??

And I also noticed while reading their blogs, how much things have changed with regards to how they view life and how they life has changed. It really feels like reading a autobiography in progress. Which is kinda interesting really.

So I gonna restart writing, and hopefully this will document my progress and changed so that when I turn back and see how long I have come, it would be so foreign in the end..