Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas is coming. It that month again. In conjunction with that month, I will be counting down the days to Christmas. Can you believe it, I can't get myself to set up the Christmas tree? Have I become that LAZY? First I stop bloggin and now I can't get myself to set up the Happy Tree?

Yeah I kinda wish that the Chrsitmas tree would set itself up like it always does courtesy of my younger brother but last year and this year he's not been around so the job fall to the person who raises the issue of setting it up. I promise on my dear life that I will not bring the issue up this year and if I do I am certain I will spent the rest of the day setting up the tree.

I should have left the tree alone last DEC. 16 days to Christmas...

What happen last month.

Since I haven't wrote anything for one whole month, I thought I would do a overall view on what happen last month.

Well the first thing that comes to mind was the wedding of a classmate back in High School.As always, the photos are somewhere out there and I will probable get in sometime soon. Anyway, I was pretty surprise that I was invited cause it's been a while .But thank you very much for including me in the list and I shall remember this always.

Then came another wedding announcement .This time, it was from a relative and it's gonna be held today at Kuala Lumpur. What is this, the season of marriage? I getting concern with all these issue, maybe I need to hang out more with more single people. Haha :P

There was quite a number of event going on and I was glad that I attended some, like the most Project Bazooka nights.Can't recall whether I watched any movies recently. But I am hoping to catch " I Am Legend" and the "Golden Compass."

I have also been spending too much time on facebook.I consider this and sleeping as the two things that I excel very well.Consider this, that social network website has been around in the beginning of this year and it has made all if not most of us into junkies. It dangerous I say.

I hope I will never have to stop using it..

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

If the lack of blogging is an indication of laziness, then I am guilty. Wow it has been 1 month since I did anything to this blog.No post, no videos, no entries whatsoever.

Then again, there seems to be no one interested in visiting this blog either. So I was thinking at one time maybe it has got to do with the fact that I am a dude and I am not funny enough.(Seriously)

So whatever the reason anyway, I thinking of finding ways to get more people to drop by and leave some comments. Til then, I am back...