Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another test

I had to blog about this.When I discovered this test I just had to do it.The test is " How addicted you are to blogging". Well I thought, I do like to blog but not to the point of addiction, I mena that would put me in the same category as a junkies and internet nerds right. 1 way to find out.
So in order to find out, I had to answer 14 questions in regards to blogging.And of course, I answered truthfuly.
The results were well, I not too sure whether to be concern or proud.

67%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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67 % !!!!.Yup I am a blogging junkie.

My blog rating

Yup so I got this blog rating website and I had to know what my blog would be rated.So here goes.I insert my blog address and waited for the results:

Mingle2 - Portland Singles

Haha, I am a rated G. Wow with all that rubbish that I post it is amazing that I can mantain such a rating.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Korean food.

Yes this is another post on food. Some people would be thinking there he goes again.Why doesn't he blog about another topic? Why must he keep rambling about what he eats or has eaten?

Well folks, I think my reply would be that on the average, an individual would eat 3 meals a day that would be Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner.If you are a Malaysian or a HObbit, then eating 3 meals a day would be unthinkable much less unacceptable.

This category of people eat breakfast,lunch,teatime breaks,dinner and supper.Not to mention the various snacks that are available in between these meals.So with this, I say that blogging about food would be a good idea.

Right then, this post would be about Korean food.Likewise, I am not too good with the names of each dish but I will try to describe it in the best way I can.

Right then first we have the basic cooking pit or kuali if you like.This is a fusion between a frying pan and a barbecue pit.

Then of course the meats goes in.It would take about 20-30 minutes to get it cooking and sizzling.This would provide plenty of time to talk and in my case take photos.

There are other side dishes that accompany the main course as well.Here we have potatoes in mayo, it is served cold possibly due to the weather in Malaysia being so hot and humid, the proprietors thought it would be a good idea.

Then of course we have another form of potatoes which would be spicy potatoes.This dish is served in what appears to be a Korean version of Sambal.Hey who says that we are the only one's that can make sambal dishes.Like the previous dish, it is served cold.

And of course a visit to a Korean restaurant would not be complete without sampling the trade Korean dish which would be Kimichi.

It is picked vegetable I think.A bit spicy but nice nevertheless.Think of it as Sayur Berempah.And as further prove that Korean Food is not all meat, here are the remaining vegetables that was served.

Now the 1st picture above seems to remind me of something, has to do with the creation of man I believe. :-p

Anyways we then have the a rice dish which is really great in taste.The mixture of spices and the vegetable would only seems to suggest that this would be Spice rice. Ha.

Right now that the meat is cooked.

Another type of meat.

Ok so this is how you eat the meat dish. You will have to put a meat in the vegetable and then eat it as you would eat a sandwich.There are sauces that you can dip your meat into and this adds extra flavour to the already spiced meat .

And there is also soup that goes with the dishes.It consist of meat, vegetable and some roots.Wow .

And last but not least, the good proprietor presented us with what he described to be Korean Pizza which included spice and bit and pieces of everything inside.

Well I got so say that this has to be one heck of a place.Never thought Korean Food would be this elaborate.And here I am thinking that Kimichi was the only dish that Korean had.Haha. Great cooking. I shall visit your restaurant again in the future.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

It has been a year.

I was just thinking.It has been a year since I joined CHC.MAn has time pass that fast? I can till remember the events in my early days there.I can still remember how I met this people and what they were and what they were doing this time last year.

I don't wanna sound like some grandfather, but it really the case remembering all these.Sure beats having it on video.


Hei EMERGE is back. For those who don't know is it a youth conference organised by City Harvest Church-http://www.chc.org.my/.

So on the 29.08-31.09.2007, there will be 3 days where there is will be praise and worship where there will be speakers speaking on various topics.A lot will be going on at that time, should be great fun.Last year was.

This year things are gonna be a bit different,I gonna join one of the competitions.Hosting to be exact.Never done it before, and right now half of me is shouting "You are gonna embarrass yourself" and the other part is saying " Mate go for it".I going for it. :-)

The are others that will be participating as well and I should be there to cheers on them.Gonna be fun I sure.

Yeah can't wait.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

An explanation

Ok, if you noticed the last few posted have been about food or something to do with food. Now I don't wanna give an impression that I am a glutton.But rather it has just been coincidence that the last few post have been about food or something to do with food.

I know that because to the exams I have not been doing much exercise.Well that gonna change really soon.Anyways got to get rid of all that fat storage that has been accumulating.Ugh.

Oh no..

For Breakfast-I had last night leftover

For Lunch-Cantonese Fried

For Dinner-Home Cooked Food

For Supper-Cantonese Fried

I better stop eating I becoming the Michelin Tire man.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mutated fruit..

Whoah check out this giant BANANA.If 8inches or 20 cm doesn't make it to the weird list I dunno what does.Makes you wonder where all the taxpayers money goes to.Now you know the answers, creating GIANT BANANAS.
SEE now that we can get huge bananas, there is no reason ever to complaining about being hungry ever again.

More fruits

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are lacking...

The Durian..

So here we have it, the king of fruits.Smell great tasted even better.The thing is that you can catch a whiff of it from a mile away.

I just learned that if you didn't eat the durian when it it ripe, it will open by itself.I know that all fruit if uneaten will go bad but this is the first time I heard of a fruit that "Opens" meaning that the fruit will go bad and develop cracks and thus rendering it inedible.Wow learning a new thing every day...

Let the pictures do the talking..




I'm back...

Yes after a period of pain and suffering, I am finally free from pain and suffering that has tormented me for such a long time.It gonna be different now.

PS-Mich sorry I couldn't make it, I will attempt to rectify that by sending you a fresh supply of Durian every month.HAha.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

It is time...

Here we go....

Saturday, July 7, 2007

So it is 07-07-2007.Nice this is gonna be a date where some people are doing to do something memorable.Like I know there is gonna be a lots of wedding going about and there is gonna be a major concert about something to do about Global Warming.It is called Live Earth, The Concert For Climate In Crisis.Well about time they took notice,I am sweating like @@@ here.Judging on the publicity that is event is receiving, I am guessing it gonna be "HOT".Haha.Anyways here is the URL link-http://liveearth.msn.com/.


Friday, July 6, 2007


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ohh you..

What are you doing reading this, Balik Kerjalah!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Toss the feathers

Love this tune,you just gotta love Irish jigs.

What am I doing...


Monday, July 2, 2007

Should I or Should I not..

continue to blog at this point in time.All I ever do now is read whether it be in printed or electronic form.I rather read than write so I will rather peruse through blogs and randomly check e-mail rather than write something.If I am motivated enough,I just might start a conversation on MSN.I have also cut my time online to a mere fraction of my original use.Just too preoccupied at the moment.Later.