Friday, April 11, 2008

So it finally happen

We knew it was coming.Just didn't know the date and time.

Just wondering then,as time progresses there will be bound to be more of these events.

But I always wondered,

When the time comes will I be ready for it?

Based on my track record I can see that it not gonna happen anything soon.

There are so many thing do to, so many things to go through.

And yet when the time comes will I be ready for it?

Congrats to the both of you. :)

God bless you always.

I also looked into

An entry in my blog about 1 year ago. It strange but I can still remember how and what I was thinking 1 year ago.

Have things changed? Yes.

Have people changed ? Yes.

Have I changed ? Yes

But I still remember the optimism and encouragement. I will repay the favor.

This is to next year's entry. For a better future.

Stuff that I don't usually crap about

I just visited a friend blog after such a long time. The posts have decreased, the outlook and changed. Yet somehow this person still maintains the same sort of optimist that she possess.

Life is tough, challenging and busy and yet there is still optimism.How do some people manage?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Last Night I manage to catch a program on the History Channel. In case some of you don't know what is the history channel all about, it a channel on ASTRO dedicated to what else History haha. Well it a great channel and I am surprised that the good folks at ASTRO took such a long time to bring in such good and great channel to Malaysia.

Anyway for those who know me will know that I like history sorry correct that I love history. It is possible one of things that I excel in best and I adore all things historical.

So when I was randomly surfing the channels after a long day of study and bump into the program entitled" Modern wonders of the 1980's" I knew I had to watch it. Boy was I pleased. It was a program about the wonders of the 80's and how people live and the technology that was available at that time. A trip down memory lane with all the technology available such as the Rubics cube, the Atari and apple computer, the De lorean and many others.

I can't believe this. I grew up with a faint memory of all these gadgets. I can't believe that theses things are still readily available in the market and you can still purchase it.Wicked!

Also manage to catch another program "Hippies". This program covers an era far older then me and like everyone else I know. Watching the era and the period that my pop and ma lived in I realised then that anything crazy in this ear will be no comparison to the madness and the insanity that the era produced. I mean Charles Manson, Beatles, Acid and weird clothing is more then I can bear. Well do to anyone who was born in the 50's and 60's. You guys are solely responsible for all the moral decay of the 20th century. HAHA.

Yeah I glad I glad I was born in the 80's and grew up in the 90's. This was possible the best time to grow up with expection to being born in the 90's and growing up in the new millennium.

I can imagine what the HISTORY CHANNEL will say about GEN Y in the future..