Monday, January 26, 2009


You may be a strong wind blowing but I am a stronger wall.

Chinese New year

Google changed it's search engines logo this time around to a symbol of an ox.Wow nice going guys!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

An incident in 2006

I though of writing about something that from memory that happen in 2006. Back then I had just joined CHC and there was this outing planned by w16 to lala cheong. Wow it’s been a while and yet I still remember it so clearly. We went in a few cars and I sat in Mervyn car. I think we were talking about getting a life partner and there was concern about not getting one for Kay Jin I think. Steph then suggested to pray for him in tongues.It's not funny right now but the irony of the situation made it funny back then. Yeah good memories. Miss the good old days.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I went painballing!!!

On last Sunday which is the 18 of January, I went painballing with a couple of friends. After hearing so much about this activity and how fun it was i just had to give it a go.

And yeah it's hell a lot of fun, but the only drawback on this activity is that it's not the cheapest activity to do.The price goes something like RM 50 for students and Rn 65 for adults.

Nevertheless it's still fun and worth every bit of the price. So the did the elimination round where yougot to shoot everyone from the other team to win and capture the flag or in this case the box which was positioned right in the middle of the field.

It when on for about 3 hours and yeah we got one heck of a workout.I don;t have the pictures of the event yet but I can show you the results of the paintball event.

That's on my left calf..

On the left arm..

Another close up shot of that..

Shoulder blade..

I know what you are thinking.This is not that area ok....

So if you want to play paintball,be prepared to face the paint....Hahahahha :PPPP

Friday, January 16, 2009

Why I sleep late part 2

I let you into a small secret of mine.

The reason I sleep so late is that I wanna make people think that I got a lot of stuff to do when in reality I really don't have anything to do.

Haha :P

Malaysian Youth Prayer gathering

I am trying to get the e-flyer but I can't do so at the moment.

So I will do the next best thing which is attached the link to the website:


A bit shabby but it will do for now.
I was just thinking recently about an issue that has always been swimming in my mind .Due to a comment by another person, it just made me think harder.

The comment was:

Why is it so hard for guys to make friends and hang out together?

So the thought that was running in my mind is : Yeah that's true.Way too true. It's so much easier for girls to bond and potentially hang out together. Not so for guys.

So at the risk of sounding rather lame,I am thinking that we men should make more of an effort to get to know each other.It's not easy.In my most cynical point of thinking I reckon that girls don't really need us guys in a friendship as much as they would rely on their female friends and guys don't really need guys as much as well .

So does this mean that guys are doomed to fail in this area and we will never be able to form meaningfully friendships with other guys?What happen to the friendships like in band of brothers ? Still need your football kaki sessions to create some friendship?Do we need to join some military outfit just to form some kind of friendship with other men?It should be way easier for friendships to form.

Come on guys, stop focusing your attention on females only.Caused the truth at the end of the day is that if we don't help ourself we risk alienating ourself from other men.

I only wished that I had an SLR to match the subejct that I was taking....

What happen recently

Recently I was at low yat plaza enquiring about computer related products and handphone prices. I then proceeded to a booth which sold handphones.

There was this dude who was operating the booth looking rather aloof. The conversation then like this:

Me: Hi there, I would like to enquire on the best price for nokia 3600?

Man:(Looking like he didn't really care ,then took the price list and then checked): Rm650

Me: So it is the best price right?

Man: Look sir, I am educated ok.Do you want me to repeat that again for you in English? Do you want me to explain that the price is in Rm which is Ringgit Malaysia?

Me: ( I just looked at him blankly and walked away)

All I can say is that this happen to me for the very first time and I WILL NOT be going to that booth again...