Sunday, March 30, 2008

I gonna blog more

I promise!

Do I dare

I have been toying about this for a long time.But I am not sure. On one hand I know I am getting older on the other I know it is a change that I must make.

But it is necessary to the extend that I must make the change? What is the cost? Can I achieve the other goal if I make the change?

I afraid I know the answers to these questions..

This is irrelevant

Yeah you read this right.This blog post will probably put you to sleep and if it doesn't then it will probably put you off from reading another blog post from this blog ever again.

But as just all blog post are a reflection and collection of thoughts in one mind and as just should be a place where I can pen down (on in this case type down) my thought.

I was thinking just how much people change.I notice that when someone is given a task and responsibility and he or she takes the task seriously, the result is astounding and forces me to challenge my thought and mindset on what I can do. It has made me come to a conclusion that anyone is capable of doing many things especially if the focus and reliance is one HIM.

I also notice that some people don't get it easy.Better do something about it.

Sometimes people change.Time to move on but never forget the person because sometimes we will meet again.

I must take and make a bolder move.I am getting stagnant.But how?

Told you this didn't make sense..


You know that you are living in the 21th century..

When you sleep less then 6 hours every day,

Talk more hours on the phone then face to face with a person..

Eat more frozen food then an Arctic bear,

Spend more time online then going to out

Spending more time going out then staying in

Getting or trying to get involved in some many things that the things that you did 2-3 days ago appear to be a distance memory..

Received news on various issues even before the news is made public

Possible "know" a person without meeting him or her

And the list goes on.

Sometimes I wonder just how do I manage to live in this crazy world....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy easter

The play at CHC was great. Easter play at CHC are always good and the production is always thought provoking. What caught my attention was the fluidity displayed by the actor and actresses in the play. This is amazing as the people involved in the play are by no means professional actor or actresses which makes this an amazing fact.

What sort of dedication and effort would be needed to pull of such as play? It is the unflattering desire to see the performance reaching a certain standard?Or is it to ensure that the play is entertaining and worth remembering?

I think the reason why these people practised so hard is because they want to ensure that what they do impacts lives of the people who watch it.How is it then that when we watch these plays that we get so affected by the message that is being presented?

I think it has got to do with all the hard work and dedication that was put into this production.I glad that I came.This is to the cast and crew.

What am I doing at this time

I am actually tagging people on facebook. Can you believe it? I could have choosen to retire to bed but instead I am gonna sacrifice my sleep to highlight someone's face to inform the world at large that your picture has been taken.

Personally I think this counts as community service.So this means that I get to do the job and task that nobody wants to do but everyone yearn to do.How groovy..

You should try tagging photos of people. A real joy I say. Haha.

Friday, March 21, 2008


I like to post up this video from Hillsongs. This is one song that has moved me and I hope will move you too.

Happy easter!

It easter!

Wow it's easter again. Time sure files. This is a special day as this is the day when our Lord Jesus Christ dies for our sins.Because of this we have access to God that would not have been possible.

On this day we are reminded on what had happen nearly more than 2000 years ago. On this day, I wanna take some time off to remember what he did for me.

The journey is long and bumpy but I know YOU have and will always be there for me.

Thank you LORD.

Monday, March 17, 2008


It been a while since I have posted any youtube videos.So I thought I would do so just to fill in the lack of blog posts. This is certainly a good and simple abeit lazy way to blog but I think it a fiar deal.I get to post anything and everyone can choose to read it or not.

Aye I wanna do that too..

And the excitement continues

Sunburst music festival came and went, and I didn't go for it. At RM 200 a pop, you gonna need divine intervention to in order to go.

But then someone text me informing me that a friend of hers was selling the ticket's at RM 70 which is a discounted price of RM 130! And this message came in a the eleventh hour. So I guess I had too pass ,I was already preoccupied.

I should make it for this events.After all it isn't every time that some organiser takes the time and effort to put this events all together. Well I guess better luck next time..

What just happen..

By now the dust has settle down and people went on with their lives.But seriously due to the fact that this blog post came in so late, I was contemplating whether or not to write this down. so I thought what the heck, after all this is gonna be part of history and it is just too important not to record down. Besides, it just happen not too long ago, though it feels like many months have passed since then.

The 12th General elections was amazing. I mean it has got to be the most anticipated elections ever in the history of Malaysia and everyone from the politically savvy to the aphetic took notice.

How could they not take notice. This has got to be the most important event in Malaysia. Heck even the National day events might not be able to compare to the important's of this event.

The results were shocking and the events that followed as well. But I am glad for all this changed as it is an indication that people are thinking or at least want changed in their lives. This is good as this would allow things to be shake up a bit in order to ensured that everyone doesn't get too comfortable with their current position.

But what was more important is that democracy is well and alive. So who said that only the West practises democracy...

In a single day...

In a single day, Malaysian Politics changed.

In a single day,Malaysian practised democracy long thought to be gone.

In a single day, many took the role as a citizen seriously.

In a single day many people thought and decided for their future.

In a single day, many people were shocked.

In a single day,history was made...

Friday, March 7, 2008

Nice one

The elections are here. There posters are everywhere. And as such , this would probabaly be the time when most people are most socially aware of the polictical social surrondings around them.

Personally I think it is a good thing. I would like to see it as a report card on the progress of the country.Things need to be shake up once in a while and I can't see a better way to do things then to have a general election.

The candidates and parties have spoken, the people have (or going to) make up their minds and tommorow we shall know the results. The moment of truth has arrived.

God bless this country.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thank you

It amazing. People actually read this underachieving and nonperforming Blog.Wow. It gives me a whole new reason to get up every day and write all the nonsense that I can think of.Thank you to all.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I been meaning to write about this for a while but it just never materialised until pretty much today. Well here goes.

Most recently I have come upon an incident regarding communication between people. You know how it is when sometimes there are some people that appear not to be interested in talking to you and pretty much give you less attention then they would show to a complete stranger?

Well I of course have experienced this. But wait, that not what this post is about. The reason why I am writing this post is that I myself might have been guilty in perpetrating such behaviour. Not that it was intentional, it is just that when I reflected back on the incident, I realised that I might have treated the person rather shabbily and that I should have taken more of an effort in dealing with this matter.

I know that not everyone gonna take that step in making and showing more effort but I guess I should have done so. It worth a try .After all actions do speak louder than words.

Monday, March 3, 2008

back to studying life.

Wow it has been ages since I wrote anything here on this blog. Well it looks like I gonna have more free time now since I quit my job to go back to full time.Nuts I am doing this over again. I getting tired of this. But I know what I do it for the better and I will have to make it no matter what.

I have realised that I have now have this big void that has been present in my daily life which was the absents of work. I know find it hard to believe that I have live like this previously as a student.

I guess that when I get older I become more aware of the progress of my life and other people lives as well.

Time to make things happen.