Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Makes me wonder

Well it the end of another long day.It just make me wonder how long can a day get.Pretty long I guess.

Most recently I have been having trouble balancing issues and work with other things.It seems that when I started working there were many things that I didn't thought about emerged and I had to dealt with it.I guess working is not too bad, it's just a matter of adjustments.

It so happens that there are a lot of factors to consider,issues to deal with and decisions to make.A cocktail of mind solving I say.

Well better get prepared for the next day..

Monday, October 29, 2007

This is why

You should always spread out your blogging activities over a period of time...
You have been warned!!!!!!


So I am due for a haircut and I was just wondering where I should get my hair cut. Now I am the kind of person who practises brand loyalty meaning I usually go to the same person or use the same product for a long period of time.However in this case, I was just wondering whether I should make a slight change in my life and yes I did. I glad I did cause I just discovered a really good place to cut hair.

In case you guys miss out on it, it's called X-cut. It's been around for quite a while and there are many outlets in KL. They have this system where they charge a flat fee of Rm15 for a haircut and there is an option to purchase additional hair styling prodcuts for a price which is cheap too.

Well the service is great, the atmosphere is pleasant and there is a lot of styles that you can explore. I really wanna post pics of this place but I can't due to :-

1) I didn't have camera at that time.
2) Have to upload the pics
3) Have to edit the photos.
4)Have to store the photos and lastly
5)Don't have camera.

Now if you think all this sounds like pure laziness, it is. I really should make more effort to blog with more photos. But then again, at least I am writing something.

I say on one step at a time would be the case...

Another trip on the same week.

No I am not kidding you. I went up to another highlands this time.Cameron Highlands to be exact. This must be the most whacked weekend that I ever went thru. I mean after a exhausting 5 days I continued on a extended holiday. But it was worth it too.

This time, I went with a bunch of friends that I have known since High School. (You guys rock). We had planned this trip for about 3 weeks now and we brought up cooking utesils for a steamboat dinner.

Boy was it worth it. There was a lot of things that you should do in a lifetime and having steamboat in the mountaintop is one of them. I mean the cool air( Now I know I said I miss the fresh cool air in the last post, but pls ignore that sentence) ,good food and company was enough to make me forget about KL,(gasps of Horror)at least for a while.( sighs of relieve)

Anyway we only spend like 1 day on top and the next day we went back to KL.I don't have pics of that event but I shall try to post them up soon.

The second part of...

You know what. Boy it has almost been a week and only now I find the time to blog about what happen 2 weeks ago. Well like I said, I had a pretty good time and there were a lot of great memories. These are some of the pics that I took and pinched form other ppl. All right not reserved. Thank you!!!!

There were the flags that were flown for the period of the camp. All the flags symbolised the states of Malaysia.

Yes how I yearn for the cool and fresh air of the highlands.

We won't give up on you so don't you give up on us....

I'm in there somewhere...

Well it was memorable and I am certain that everyone of us took something back.Good memories.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It looks like I have ran out of time and energy.I gonna have to continue this post,hopefully by tommorow. TIME OUT!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The long weekend,Part 1

Well I just realised that I never wrote anything about the POTS camp 2007 that I attended at Peacehaven in Genting Highlands.Oh well I might as well write about it now.The camp was held on the 12.10.2007 -17.10.2007. The initial of the camp would stand for Professional of Tomorrow where 3 professions namely teachers,lawyers and doctors met to dicuss to various topics and issue that affect both us and the nation.

I must say that the camp went beyond my expectations. It was amazing to say the least.Maybe that because I went without any expectations.However 200 happy campers can't be wrong and this shows that FES really did a good job. God Bless the good people of FES they really did a terrific job considering this is the first camp of this nature that was organised.

The camp was divided into talks,workshops,games and act ivies. There was never a dull moment and amazingly we(at least most of us) manage to stay in a locked compound for 5 days !!! If this was an ordinary scenario, this would constituted to be false imprisonment I sure.Haha

I also manage to met new people and at the same time reinenforce current friendships.What was shocking was how connected everyone appear to be.I will address this issue a bit later.Truly shocking.

Anyway, there was a more serious note on this camp which would be the underlining message would be that occupied the minds of many.

It gave me food for thought where it made me realised that I shouldn't give up so easily on this issue.That because there are many things that are worth fighting for. But I would say that the most compelling reason would be because there are still people who care.

I am indeed moved.May God grant me wisdom to make the correct decision.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Right then

Now this blog has not been updated for a week. I was out of KL for about close to week and as such, was unable to gain any form of internet access to write something.

Anyhow, these days I seem to be unable to write anything that would be deem interesting of sorts. It appears that the longer I blog, the less interesting I become. Now I think this should not be the case and as such it should be the other way around where the longer I blog, the more skilled and exciting I should be.

Alas, all the juices of creativity have all but dried up and I shall need fresh inspiration to propel myself to the levels of marvellous that I once occupied.But I shall not give up and dwell in this hole of despair but rather find conform in the fact that I have not given up hope.

Now if you will excuse me, I have things to do..

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Thanks to Kay Jin, I got this power point presentation. It must be really fun to have something like this on the web. In this case, it is dedicated to me.

Thanks a bunch mate..

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


If there is one thing I am good at, that would be remembering irrelevant things that no one usually remembers. That means recalling things that has happen for the moment and may be deemed insignificant the next time.

Sometimes people ask me how I do that.Well to be honest it just appears in my mind.Usually it is random stuff that appears and I usually don't attempt to recall it in the first place.Maybe it has got to do with something I saw or heard that triggered the memory in the first place.Anyway, to demonstrate what I mean, last night I was just chilling when this came to mind. Now notice how random the song is.In fact I don't think that anyone I know actively remembers in. It would probably come to mind when you hear and see it .This is what I mean.

Brings back memories... :-)

5 days

That would be the last time I actually posted something on this blog.I could post something in between those days but I was too preoccupied.Actually this is not a big deal and heck I don't think that this post is actually worth writing about. It is just that I tend to treat log posts like something of a routine.This mean that if I don't write something, the day would feel incomplete.

Anyway,a couple of changes since the last post. I got myself a job but it wasn't something that I expect.But I gonna do it for a while and apply for other things.Lets see what the future holds.

I can't fix the shoutout problem. There still is a broken link in the shoutout.

Also there were plenty of outstanding things that I completed.Wow all this in 5 days.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

ANother day

of business. So this will do for now.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It just won't appear right.

I trying to out a link to this blog on a social network shout out. Problem is that it is not working.No manner how hard I try, it just won't register right.Somehow the link is always broken and will not register right.

Most of the time there will be a space in between the url and I can't solve it.Maybe I just technology ineffective but I can't seem to fix this problem.

I guess I have to tinker around a bit more maybe i will get something out of this.

Another land day of application.ACh.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Carlsberg Ad

I was just randomly surfing and I found, this. Yes it is about Carlsberg although I would not have know in the begining.

Pity that we don't have this kind of ads in this part of the world.I mean creative and unpredictable.Maybe we just need to be a bit more creative and think out of the box more often.

So here it is..

Monday, October 1, 2007

Need to push on...

3/4 to go.Need to push on.Eyes getting blurry.Which will results in confused thought.Which will results in an inconceivable post.And a really, really bad headache.

I never gonna do this ever again...


Wow spending time in front of the computer can be torturous.Maybe it is the fact that when I do this, I face virtually little or no human contact at all.

Also after staring at the computer for long hours for close to 2 days really has some effect on the mind and the body.I got a dodgy throat(!?) and keep falling asleep.In addition to that, as the label says, my brain feels like it gonna explode.Haha.

Um I gonna take 5 now.