Monday, January 19, 2009

I went painballing!!!

On last Sunday which is the 18 of January, I went painballing with a couple of friends. After hearing so much about this activity and how fun it was i just had to give it a go.

And yeah it's hell a lot of fun, but the only drawback on this activity is that it's not the cheapest activity to do.The price goes something like RM 50 for students and Rn 65 for adults.

Nevertheless it's still fun and worth every bit of the price. So the did the elimination round where yougot to shoot everyone from the other team to win and capture the flag or in this case the box which was positioned right in the middle of the field.

It when on for about 3 hours and yeah we got one heck of a workout.I don;t have the pictures of the event yet but I can show you the results of the paintball event.

That's on my left calf..

On the left arm..

Another close up shot of that..

Shoulder blade..

I know what you are thinking.This is not that area ok....

So if you want to play paintball,be prepared to face the paint....Hahahahha :PPPP


Kay Jin said...

Ah! I want I want! As they say, no pain no gain!

speakeasy said...

Yeah man.It was fun.don't worry there's bound to be more in the future!!

jg said...

this is a weird blog post with insane pics!!! i get uneasy having the world staring at pics of my body parts =P anyway, that's just my opinion.....

speakeasy said...

It makes you wonder what other twisted and mad ideas run through my head.Sigh if only I had more time and energy to blog.Haha